Whitewash Warriors


Our guide for the surfing women just starting out…You’ve had your first surf lesson. You loved it and you probably quite quickly realised that surf lessons are only going to take you so far. Really what you need is practice. As much as practice can be fun, it can be frustrating or intimidating sometimes to get out there. That’s why we’ve put this e-book together for you. It’s a compilation of tips that will help you find your feet on the board after your first few surf lessons.




What’s in it?

The first step is to get the right equipment. If you are serious about learning to surf it’s definitely worthwhile getting your own board and wetsuit. But where to start? Have a look at our ‘GIDGET GEAR‘ section.

When you learn to surf, you’ll also need to learn reading the waves and surf conditions. In the chapter about ‘WAVE WISDOM’ we’ll introduce you to the basics of reading surf conditions.

In ‘SURF TIPS’ you’ll find practical tips on how to find the right surf spot for you, what to look out for in the surf when you are in the surf by yourself and how to master pop-ups.