Gidget Surf Leggings


Get yourself a gorgeous pair of our limited edition VGG x SaltGypsy surf leggings. Not only are they super comfy but they are great to protect your Gidget pins from the sun. They are absolute must-haves especially on your overseas surf trips where you spend hours in the water. Oh and don’t forget to wear them in your post surf stretchy yoga session… you don’t even have to get changed.



Look good and keep your pins protected with some stylish VGG x SaltGypsy surf leggings!

SaltGypsy surf leggings won’t let you down. They have been designed to keep you covered and perform while you make a fashion statement out in the lineup.

  • Fold-over waistband with Venus Goes Gidget print
  • Internal key pocket so that Gidgets with cars can surf worry-free
  • Internal drawstring at the back to keep you covered
  • Venus Goes Gidget print on the shin of one leg
  • Standard Nylon Lycra blend material


Additional information

Goofy or Natural

Goofy (left leg on back of board, pattern on right leg), Natural (right leg on back of board, pattern on left leg)


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